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Power up your performance with MX Keys S and MX Master 3S. Comfort, stability, and precision combined in a pairing that helps you master your flow all day long.


Duo Engineered For Productivity And Comfort

The keyboard has a stable, low-profile design and the mouse is crafted for your hand for better wrist posture. The included palm rest encourages a natural posture for all-day comfort.


Fast Fluid Precision Typing

Type with confidence and speed with spherically-dished keys shaped for your fingertips, minimizing the chances of a mistype, while increased key stability reduces noise.


Scroll 1,000 Lines Per Second

with the Magspeed scroll wheel . 90%11Compared to regular Logitech mouse without an electromagnetic scroll wheel more speed and 87%12Compared to Logitech Master 2S mouse with Logitech Options installed and Smooth scrolling enabled more precision with its 2 modes: ratchet & hyper fast scroll (compared to regular Logitech mouse).


Smart Illumination Made Smarter

Backlit keys light up when your hands approach and automatically brighten or fade to suit your environment. Control backlighting duration and brightness in Logi Options+13Requires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Smart Actions in the Logi Options+ App14Requires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS gives you the power to skip repetitive actions by automating multiple tasks with a single keystroke.


Multi Computer, One Flow

Pair MX Keys S Combo to work on multiple computers and cross-OS – and transfer text, images and files between them. – just copy on one and paste to the other.15Requires Logi Options+ app, available for Windows and macOS
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