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CPU: AMD Threadripper Pro
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3000/Quadro | Max 8 way
Storage: NVMe | SSD – Hotswap
Memory: Min 64GB | Max 2.0TB
Cooling System: Air or Liquid (Internal or External)



CPU: AMD Threadripper Pro
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3000/Quadro | Max 5 way
Storage: NVMe | SSD
Memory: Min 64GB | Max 2.0TB
Cooling System: Air



CPU: AMD Threadripper Pro
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3000/Quadro | Max 2 way
Storage: NVMe | SSD
Memory: Min 64GB | Max 2.0TB
Cooling System: Air

Build quality

Our systems are hand built to an exact specification and level that we feel is truly worthy of a professional system for demanding real world use in 3D, animation and design. Our chassis is designed and manufactured by us in the UK and all components used are best in class. No corner is cut, The ultimate bespoke workstation.

Software tweaks

Our detailed and methodical approach to workstation design and functionality has also given us an advantage in the software configuration for our systems. Gone is the bloatware, unnecessary telemetry requests, troublesome drivers and overall system stability issues so many users have come to loathe in ‘one spec to rule them all’ suppliers. We offer a system rollback to date of manufacture and unlimited tech support if you come against any system conflicts or simply a bad update.

Shipping reliability

We have shipped all across the world and learnt how to make the process as painless as possible. With prebuilt plywood and solid timber cases that are marked for entry into other countries and follow their regulations they are built to withstand the impact of multiple shipping companies on long haul travel paths. We use Fedex Priorty for all shipments and your system will be ready to use out of the box, just unpack, plug it in and install your apps.

Professional advice

We take pride in years of experience of dealing with all aspects of technology that the creative artist, studio or faculty need to propel their business and workflow. We are here to help from answering a simple setup question to implementing our machines into your current network. Just ask, we are more than happy to assist.

Ultimate compatibility

The road of a professional system builder is a long and perilous one. We spend weeks, months and even years perfecting our craft and ensuring you get the maximum compatibility from your workstation with software, peripherals and other components. We bench test our systems for 48hrs on a 10 point checklist and in many different scenarios. Our machines are designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year. Whilst we would never wish punishment on our beloved rigs, they are built for it.


Renderboxes are creators of the finest, boutique workstations and render-nodes for use in 3D modelling, animation, simulations, visual effect specialists, colourists, digital artists and content creators.
Based in Margate, Kent in the United Kingdom we combine years of experience in the creative I.T sectors to deliver what we feel is the ultimate workstation and aftercare support for solo digital artists up to enterprise class companies and facilities.

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