Our clients


We approached Renderboxes to assist us in migrating our Cinema 4D setup from a MacOS environment over to Windows and Richard and his team couldn’t have been more helpful.  They provided great advice in choosing the right build to suit our needs, worked well with our in-house IT teams to meet internal specifications and the machines were built quickly and delivered promptly. They have always been on hand if we had a question or needed some assistance.

LightField London

This was the first water cooled machine we had used for octane render, we have been very happy with our machines, they have been very stable and get great octane bench. Renderboxes have great knowledge in GPU solutions and are reliable and friendly if you have any issues.


I have always been a Mac boy. But as my work got more and more complex and the need for GPU power couldn’t be ignored any further I was lucky enough to be introduced to Renderboxes. They have revolutionised my workflow and the speed I can crank out work. Especially as I want to enter the animation realm for more projects. Excellent service, troubleshooting and overall support. Rich and his team besides being ultimate render power wizards they are a great group of people eager to assist digital artists and their complex needs for nuclear render boost. 


Tomorrow Bureau

The Nano is an incredible machine backed up by the reassuringly personal customer service provided by renderboxes. It took our 2 Nanos all of two minutes to become the new beating heart of our studio setup.

Builders Club

Renderboxes provided us with excellent consulting and built our current next generation RTX GPU render farm. The system is performing flawlessly since we turned it on. We are very impressed by the speed and performance. The renderfarm has definitely set a new milestone for our workflow and the projects we’re working on.


I’d like to say a big thanks for the beautiful machine and all the hard work that went in to getting it ready in time for me to complete my last project. It turns out that I wouldn’t have been able to finish the project without the new machine as render times were insane – even with the beast!

Bomper Studio

We had our entire suite updated to Renderboxes machine’s from our aging Mac Pro’s. They provided a full consultation into how we could achieve this quickly and efficiently for a team of ten designers along with three render-nodes. They have provided unparalleled support and aftercare and we couldn’t recommend them enough.