Artist Spotlight : BIllelis

Hello Billy,

Billelis, your artist name – How did this come to fruition?

A funky mashup of my name Billy and my old graffiti tag from my naughty youth of painting walls which was Elis.
Nothing groundbreaking. A fun mash. 

We here are Renderboxes love your work and wanted to know how you found your way to this style and mood in your pieces?

Thanks guys, It has been a long time in the making. A big variety of influences ranging from greek sculpture to orthodox iconography, occult art and metal music, geometry and ornamentals, baroque and gothic. I always wanted to beautify darkness and treat them like portraiture art.

What application could you not live without if you could only choose 1… ?

Cinema 4D

You recently made the transition from Mac to PC after working with a hybrid setup consisting of a Mac host machine and a PC slave to handle the heavy lifting, what’s that transition been like and any tips for similar artists ready to make the move?

I mean you guys really pimped me up with the hybrid kit. so only natural to get your help going full PC.The power and capabilities are uncomparable. Mac for me is pointless for what I do.

You have recently started to make waves with your venture into Crypto art with your work, what’s that feel like to finally get the credit and see the public react directly to your work and of course start paying for it?

It feels incredible. Years of hard work paying off, but most importantly digital art is being recognised as art. And this space is incredible for the entirety of us digital artists. People have the chance to be rewarded for their art and help others enter the NFT world.

Tell us about your Nifty Gateway  ‘In Memoriam’ drop, it looks stunning!

Thank you. It is quite a personal collection of art that encourages the viewer to remember those they have lost and embrace the learnings and love they have left behind. Death is not the end and they live through our memories.

What has it been like to work on your new Renderboxes Atom machine, how does that fair to your old Mac Pro! ?

It’s like going from an Old VW beetle to a Jet engine fighter plane. It’s madness.

The pandemic gave a lot of creatives a lot of time to think and evaluate where they were going, what’s your plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

To enjoy life and my success. All I have done is work. It is time to enjoy myself and let creativity blossom.

If you had one piece of advice to aspiring digital artists trying to make waves in the industry what would it be?

Besides the obvious which is work hard. For me it is to do more personal work. The whole reason why i am here now in my career is because of my own personal work. That will keep you excited and passionate.

Thank you Billelis!

Check out ‘In Memoriam’ Here